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Hi I'm Gina Zepick (Sebastian). We provide Mentoring & Facilitation Services, specializing in Mental & Emotional Wellness.  If you are seeking support & perspective with personal or professional challenges, this is the right place.

Our services address a wide range of issues that challenge you daily, allowing you to deal with them quickly and with ease, reducing stress & anxiety and improving mindset & confidence. And yes, this does include our current Covid-19 stresses.

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Ask Gina -- What makes you unique in the work you do as a Mentor?

The foundation of my uniqueness has come from a rural background. And then continues with a well-lived and experienced first half of life.

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Ask Gina -- How did you get into and keep doing the work you love?

You will learn about my now 20 year journey as an entrepreneur doing what I love.

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Your Word A Year

Choosing a word for each year has had a profound impact on my life. It has given me the focus I needed to move mountains.

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