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What We Do

Soul on Fire Mentoring offers Mentoring and Facilitation Services, specializing in Mental & Emotional wellness. We navigate alongside you through areas of personal and professional development, allowing you to deal with issues quickly and with ease. Through mentoring one-on-one and/or facilitating with your work team, you will have an opportunity to stop avoiding challenges and tackle them head on, finally taking your control back. Your mentor or facilitator will become a trusted source of support, guidance, and accountability and will certainly give you a hands-up or a kick-in-the-pants when you need it.

Topics of discussion may include:
Professional - relationship building, conflict management, difficult discussions, team development, leadership development, productivity, planning, enthusiasm & purpose.
Personal - stress & burnout, work life balance, time management, struggles, mindset, confidence, energy, health & well-being, attitude & habits, meaning & purpose, confidante.

Why We Do It

There is nothing more rewarding to us than getting a message like this:
"I was struggling at times to figure out what I really wanted. I am happy to say I have finally figured it out. I k now exactly what I want right now and I know exactly why. Its like I allowed myself to finally say it. You have been an amazing support for me and I appreciate it 100%. I wouldn't want anyone else by my side."
This is our why. Giving clarity, support & peace. And for every 1 person we make a difference for, it impacts 10 or 100 more. Now that is inspiring a joy for our work!!!

Who We Work With

Soul on Fire works with individuals & teams who are looking for support & guidance in troubled times. When chaos hits, let us be your rudder in the storm. We offer an opportunity to talk any issue or challenge through and put it into perspective, reducing stress & anxiety and improving mindset & confidence.

Meet Gina Zepick

Gina Zepick (Sebastian) is the founder and principal of Soul on Fire Mentoring by On-Purpose Training Inc. since 2000. Gina's education and experience is in human relations & human behaviour. She loves helping people & teams put challenges into perspective so they can enjoy their personal & professional life more.
Gina grew up in a ranch family so expect a "down-home" quality. She holds a BSA from the U of S and a MBA from the U of R and has extensive training in personal & professional development, team & relationship building, mindset & attitude.
Fun Facts:  Gina has travelled the world for play & some for work. She is a nature lover, as well as a newbie gardener & foodie.

What Our Customers Are Saying

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Gina, I want to let you know how much I appreciate the work you did mentoring me. You have a special ability few possess in hearing both what is and isn't said. Your intuitive sense of the greater context provided the time and space I needed to create the life of leadership and family I desire. It can be difficult to feel comfortable sharing my own challenges when thousands look to me to lead them through their own, yet you provided that safe place to be fully open and honest. Thank you!
Graham White, Incredible Potential, Calgary, AB
It's hard to put into words how amazing the last few weeks have been while working with you. I feel like I've made a life changing decision by taking your mentoring course. Self exploration and development are lifelong and hard work -- I know what I have learned will be applicable throughout my entire life's journey. You're an amazing, inspiring and beautiful person. I feel so honored to have met you. I fully expect we will see more of each other in the years ahead. Thank you!
Marnel J., Regina, SK