A New Way of Being (for Couples)

What if? What if you changed just one key word in your relationship? It is a powerful one!!

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Sometimes, when life gets challenging, we take it out on the people closest to us. Words are powerful and we sometimes say things that should never be said or do things that undermine the connection we say we want. What if you did one little thing different? Would it make all the difference in your marriage?

The thing I want you to do different is use one new word: Beloved. As you use the word Beloved, your relationship takes on a whole new meaning and context. It is much harder to yell at your partner if you think of him as your Beloved. It also invokes a want to do more for the person: "what can I do for my Beloved today?" As you shift your thinking and mindset to use this powerful word, it brings a very positive energy into your relationship. I might not do everything for just anybody, but I sure would do anything for my Beloved.

Try it out. Have a discussion with your husband about the idea of being each other’s Beloved and see where the conversation goes. If you both agree, try it on . . . use it for the next week in your relationship and household and notice how it transforms your way of being. I am pretty certain you will see magical shifts begin to take place.

What if you did the work to consider your partner as your Beloved? Might it change your relationship in a wonderful, positive way? Of course it would. Over time it will shift your thinking, habits, and behaviours and most certainly help you create a stronger relationship.

There is great power in the words you use. Be sure to use the right ones!

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You Deserve a Great Life!

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