Ask Gina -- How did you get into and keep doing the work you love?

You will learn about my now 20 year journey as an entrepreneur doing what I love.

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Short Answer:

Life, mistakes, fear, hope, tools, gifts, support, hard work, courage, travel, goals, growth, soul work, healing, and choice.

Long Answer:

It all started many years ago when I was going through an ugly divorce (insert any major stressful life experience). I desperately needed something to give me hope for the future and a new way of seeing and being. A friend of mine came bouncing across the work parking lot and said she had just been at this great personal development course that gave her just that. I signed up the same day and it forever changed my life’s trajectory.

I went to several courses after that to gain new insights, tools and ways of thinking. At these events people often said to me “you always say the right thing when I need it most” and “you are so good in front of people”. This gave me my first peek into my true God-given gifts, which included leadership, encouragement, wisdom and healing. Prior to this I had never thought what are my gifts and how do I live them. This gave me that opportunity plus the joy of a direct way of making a difference for others. From there I developed my skills based on my gifts, took a few strategic leaps of faith, and for sure surrounded myself with the right people to get living the life I was meant to live.

I started building my business as an entrepreneur with a Life & Business Coach portfolio and soon had clients from as far away as Australia, Malaysia, Germany and England. The next step was offering personal development courses which turned into travelling around North America for 8 years putting on seminars and camps for crowds of up to 4000 people. During this time I also started doing a significant amount of corporate work, growing work teams, systemizing and humanizing work efforts and transitioning work cultures. In the mix I somehow managed to become an author too, writing “Create Your Life – strategies to improve your life, wealth & relationships”.

When it was time to come off the road it was easy to make the choice to go “home” and I transitioned to corporate and government contract work back in my beloved home province of Saskatchewan. I had a passion for one-on-one work so I incorporated a mentoring program to help people get out of their own way, transitioning leaders faster and with greater ease into a place of power and choice.

Now twenty years later, I am so grateful for the all the people that guided, supported and championed me in the right direction. And for all the incredible and courageous clients I have worked with over the years.  I have had the honour of seeing them grow into shining their light brighter and living with a soul on fire, thereby having a direct positive impact on their families, communities, careers & industries. That is the greatest honour I could ask for from my work accomplishments.

Today, I continue my work with a primary focus on Mentoring because of the huge growth and transformation I see an individual make, from being a CEO to a mom, in a very short period of time. I love taking fear and uncertainty away from someone, giving them the opportunity to get out of their own way and stand in their own powerful, soul-full being. This life is short . . . Are you living it to the fullest?

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