Ask Gina -- What makes you unique in the work you do as a Mentor?

The foundation of my uniqueness has come from a rural background. And then continues with a well-lived and experienced first half of life.

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I laughed recently when a newer coach said to me, “You were doing this when I didn’t even know it was a Thing. Because of you I realized this was something I could do”. I started my career providing life and business coach services, which transitioned into speaking & training courses, and more recently into a Mentoring program.

The foundation of my uniqueness has come from a rural background, giving me a down-home style and a strong determination to developing my clients.

Here are just a few of the adventures that have added to who I am today as a Mentor:

  • Grew up on a ranch, with a whole lot of cattle, horses and exotic animals.
  • Spent 14 years of my youth in the 4-H program (wonderful formative years!).
  • Attained an Ag degree at UofS and MBA at UofR.
  • Worked for the Sask government in Ag & performance measurement at start of career.
  • Completed many, many training courses in personal development & coaching, studying under so many great influencers including: Brian Tracy, Tony Robbins, Robert Kiyosaki, Wayne Dyer, Jack Canfield, John Maxwell, Marianne Williamson, Harv Eker, Loral Langemeier, Les Brown, John Gray, Mark Victor Hansen, Brene Brown, David TS Wood, Daniel Hawk Moon, Randy Revell, Satyen Raja, Alex Mandossian, David Wolfe, Lisa Nichols, and more.
  • Founded my own training & coaching business 20 years before most in Saskatchewan had even heard of a life or business coach.
  • Worked with coaching clients world-wide, including Australia, Dubai, much of Europe, Malaysia, and across Canada and the USA.
  • Wrote and published a book.
  • Hosted a radio show for a year.
  • Lead a team of 116 people dedicated to excellence in holding personal development seminars & camps all over North America.
  • Participated in over 400 sacred native sweat lodges for spiritual growth.
  • Travelled the world for fun, adventure and new perspective. And coming home to appreciate Saskatchewan that much more each time.
  • Spent a month in Malawi, Africa helping develop 3 villages and new expertise.
  • Physical: ocean dives (including Great Barrier Reef), white-water rafted, black-water rafted, bungee jumped, mountain climbed, mountain skied, glacier walked, self-defence, high ropes courses & zip-lining, paintball, fire-walks, fire-eating, trance dances & more.
  • And married, divorced and married.

Kind of sums up a well-lived first half of life. lol  A soul-on-fire has served me well. I am extra excited for my second half!

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