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What will people think?

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What will people think?

This thought stops most people from doing what is right for themselves because it is not what seems right from the perspective of others. Way too often this statement is a prison – and the worst place to be is unaware it even is your prison.

Approval from others makes sense to pursue as it gives us a sense of self-esteem. In some way it tells us that all is good because others agree with what we are doing. It matters to our self-worth and makes us feel ok in so many ways. At least it appears that way. It is for sure the story we keep telling ourselves.

All the while the uneasiness eats away at your soul.  There is an underlying feeling that tells you again and again you are not happy, you are not where you should be in your life and you are not doing this for all the right reasons. Thank goodness for that uneasiness because it is the only thing that has the power to set you free.

Is this old story of caring what people think holding you back? You can answer this by noticing how you feel. Do you feel miserable, numb, exhausted, overwhelmed, burnt out, conflicted or trapped? Why would you continue to stay in a situation that makes you feel more and more like this?

What would it take for you to feel happy again? To feel fulfilled, composed, and even vibrant and confident? Those are the feelings you need to work hard to create in your life.  What that means is it is time for a new story. Are you ready to create a new story for your life – where you choose what feels good and feels right for you?  Or are you not quite done with your old story yet?

Sometimes people say it is selfish to make it all about me. But take note, this is NOT all about you. What it is about is making you the best person you can be so that you have more to give the world. An unhappy, grumpy, stuck you is not helping the world, quite the opposite actually. But a happy, composed, vibrant, confident YOU most definitely has a huge positive vibration to send out to make a difference.

When you are ready for your new story, start by painting a picture. In your mind’s eye, paint a picture of how your life will be when you are living your new story. This picture will give you a vision for the direction you are going as you take the steps to get there. The taste and feeling of freedom will keep you going as you realize that true self-worth comes from within and from doing what is right for you. And from self-worth comes a beautiful positive impact on the world from you doing what you love and being the best YOU you can be.

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