Your Word A Year

Choosing a word for each year has had a profound impact on my life. It has given me the focus I needed to move mountains.

Living Deeper

If you are a regular reader you already know this is my regular first-thing-in-the-new-year message because it is just that important. Choosing a word for the year helps you shape the year and helps the year shape you. It is a profound experience even though when you choose your word you have no idea at all what it will truly mean to and for you until a year from now. It is something that takes hold of you and moves you in ways unimaginable, and that's the best part. The transformation is indescribable . . . but you will know exactly what I mean a year from now.

It is not a painful "oh, my goodness I HAVE to find the perfect word". It is more of an intuitive exploration. It is a plugging in to something bigger than you (for me this is God; for others it is simply a higher power). It is playing with some words until one sticks and you just can't get it out of your mind. It is not just the experiences you will have but more importantly the way it all makes you feel (a shining from the inside).

Choosing your word is not about fixing yourself. It is about tuning inward to let your true light shine brighter for all to see. It is definitely not about doing more but rather about BEing more. It is about loving yourself more and believing in yourself! Plus it is about doing what you are doing for all the right reasons.

To give you some examples, when I first decided to choose a word for the year I was really struggling. I needed something to "grab on to". The word I chose was FAITH. Wow, what a ride that was.  My year was one of the most challenging years I have endured in a long time. It became obvious that faith grows from being challenged. What I can say, after the fact, is it was a wonderful year of learning and self growth that were blessings in the years to come. 

then I chose JOY in my second year. After the twists and turns Faith gave me I seemed to choose for a safer word (lol) that would bring me back to my center. I was rewarded with one of the best years of my life. 

For year 3, I chose LOVE and got married at the end of that year. Wow! By this point I was really getting the power in a word.

For year 4, it was BELOVED, a very big word with great meaning. And we enjoyed deepening our marriage (not always a cake walk lol) plus recognizing all that is Beloved in even everyday living. Wow, what richness that has brought.  

Dec 30th, after some plugging in, I chose my next word for my year. It was GRACE. I was excited to give & receive much Grace in that fascinating year!

So, what is your word for this next year? Choose one that you expect will move you forward. It is extra exciting when it is one that is intriguing yet somewhat scary, pushing you out of your comfort zone little by little. I also want to add that the word also picks you. You will be pleasantly surprised at how this word will intertwine in your year and become a part of you that you never could have imagined it would. That's the power of this process.

You can also get more ideas for your word from the picture for this blog. Or better yet simply sit and BE. It will come to you. Your word is about the things that will fill your SOUL and make your life more beautiful in every way, bit by bit. Over the course of a year you will incorporate your word into all you do, and sometimes you will forget all about it and then find that it comes back to you in profound ways.

Try it! I think you will be astonished by the outcome.

When you choose a word, I would love if you share it with me. It will anchor it for the start of your year and bring it into your being.

Cheers, Gina

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