To "Set Your Soul on Fire" I used to think was for other women -- that I wasn't deserving and that life wasn't normal without struggle or stress. Working with Gina has helped me to see that at one point in my life that's how I was living and my fire had diminished. By letting go of all the things that haven't served me and my purpose I now crave that fire back. I have experienced joy and meaning I had forgotten about and feel unstoppable in pursuing my dreams. Thank you Gina for your heart, determination, grace and kindness -- what an amazing adventure on my journey and I'm so blessed to have you in my life!
C Carlson - Regina, SK
I can't believe I didn't get a mentor sooner! Gina has taken me on the most amazing and rewarding journey of my life. It wasn't always easy but it sure was very worth every bit of it. I faced my blueprints and finally embraced them. I now have all the important pieces that allow me to make decisions that work for a meaningful, have-it-all, happy life. Gina gave me the consciousness and support I needed to dig deep and become more soulful and on purpose than I have ever been. I am forever grateful!
Nancy Olsen, Entrepreneur, Calgary, AB
It's hard to put into words how amazing the last 10 weeks have been while working with you. I feel like I've made a life changing decision by taking your mentoring course. Self exploration and development are lifelong and hard work -- I know what I have learned will be applicable throughout my entire life's journey. You're an amazing, inspiring and beautiful person. I feel so honored to have met you. I fully expect we will see more of each other in the years ahead. Thank you!
Marnel J., Regina, SK
My life has changed so much in a very positive way. When I started the group mentoring sessions I was excited, but I never really got just how much I would learn and grow in just 10 weeks. The program is called Magic in Momentum for a reason. There is magic created. And once the momentum starts it is so much easier to maintain and build on. I highly recommend the 10 week Group Mentoring to get you on track and creating great things in your life.
Brenda B., Regina, SK
Gina, I want to let you know how much I appreciate the work you did mentoring me. You have a special ability few possess in hearing both what is and isn't said. Your intuitive sense of the greater context provided the time and space I needed to create the life of leadership and family I desire. It can be difficult to feel comfortable sharing my own challenges when thousands look to me to lead them through their own, yet you provided that safe place to be fully open and honest. Thank you!
Graham White, Incredible Potential, Calgary, AB
Gina has a wonderful combination of compassion, knowledge, ideas and a rock-solid commitment to see her clients move ahead in business and in life. She has helped me through one of the toughest periods of my life to not only keep my business on track, but also make it grow beyond what I had imagined.
Ted Couling, Cartoonist, Vancouver, BC
I have never been older and I have never felt better or been healthier in my entire life! I am so grateful for all the coaching, encouragement, tools, ideas, wisdom and knowledge that was provided by On-Purpose Training to finally reach my health goals. I now have great energy and a brand new enthusiasm for life! Now, instead of focusing on my struggles with weight, overwhelm and exhaustion, I can focus on living my DREAMS! Thank you! You have given me my life back!!!"
Michelle Stuart, Regina, SK
It has been my pleasure work with Gina over several years. Some of my key observations about her are: (1) She is one of the most passionate people I know. She deeply cares about everyone she touches. (2) Gina is about team. She goes to extraordinary measures to ensure communications is occurring, that includes a drive for results, balanced with caring and support. (3) Her coaching has provided extraordinary results including breakthroughs and huge life changes. (4) Gina brings a fun and energy to all of the activities she does. This helps make THE difference in working with her. (5) Gina is also an accomplished trainer. Her ability to deal with all sizes of groups, all makeups of groups is a rare positive quality. Gina is a motivational and inspirational leader, mentor, coach, trainer, and author. She has positively impacted many people in each of these roles. She is fun to work with and her energy is truly infectious. Gina has my highest possible level of endorsement.
Keith Jackson, COO, Peak Potentials Training, San Diego, CA
My life has changed so substantially since the training I did with you and then the coaching. Wow! I would have never gotten this far on my own in 10 or more years. Thank you so very much for accelerating my life forward in such an incredibly positive way! I have more time off and balance than I ever imaged and have now literally doubled my income. So very grateful!!!
Lana Schneider, Regina, SK