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Women in Agriculture Who Lead

Soul on Fire Mentoring works with motivated women in Agriculture who want to do and be more in their industry. It is about overcoming limiting beliefs, self-doubt and self-sabotage that keep getting in your way of success. We will help you build a sustainable focus and lifestyle that allows you to be you AND also allows your business/career to flourish.

Women are very powerful when they let themselves be. The problem is we keep getting in our own way. Plus your mentor has an agriculture background, growing up on a ranch and in 4-H, earning a degree in Agriculture and living in rural Saskatchewan. Your mentor will make your journey so much easier with her wisdom, experience and intuition, giving you a trusted source of support, guidance and accountability.

Soul on Fire works with driven women in agriculture who know they want to reach higher and be more and know they need the support to get there. You want the confidence to be sure you are taking your business in the right direction for you. And you want a mentor by your side to guide and champion you to step up and accelerate your business and life success.

Women of Influence Managing Self-Doubt

Soul on Fire Mentoring loves working with women who want to know what it’s like to live with their Soul on Fire. Each of us have key blueprints that keep us getting up against the same wall again and again and backing down. It is time to get up against that wall and find your way over, under, around, or through. Truly, you will never be your Best You until you find yourself on the right side of these walls. Identifying your blueprints will be a huge shift in the right direction, and this is just one of our tools. We also help you enrich Conversations, Connections, and Collaborations for wholehearted living.

It’s wonderful when you love what you do. It’s even better when you can create great success while still loving it. Changing and enhancing your self-talk and conversations will redefine your experience with so much less stress, fear and chaos, making space for all you want more of in your world.

Soul on Fire works with influential women who know a strengthened mindset is the key to their success. Playing small is no longer an option and you are ready to have more impact and live life on your own terms. Plus you know a mentor will make a huge difference in getting you there.

Women Making Marriages Work

Soul on Fire Mentoring wants you to create and live “happy wife, happy life”. We want you have a happy, healthy primary relationship so you have a whole lot less stress and “a safe place to fall” when you need it most. We help you to find a deeper level of Connection, Commitment, Love & Partnership. We build your courage and give you the tools, techniques and greater intuition to help you implement it in a way that works, creating a deeper connection & a lasting love.

Strong relationships are the fabric of a great society and it seems like our world can use a real boost with all the turbulence going on today. Everyone can do their part. Women are the key inspiration in building stronger marriages.

Soul on Fire works with motivated women who know they will enhance their own life, family and community with a great marriage and need some support in getting there.

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I can't believe I didn't get a mentor sooner! Gina has taken me on the most amazing and rewarding journey of my life. It wasn't always easy but it sure was very worth every bit of it. I faced my blueprints and finally embraced them. I now have all the important pieces that allow me to make decisions that work for a meaningful, have-it-all, happy life. Gina gave me the consciousness and support I needed to dig deep and become more soulful and on purpose than I have ever been. I am forever grateful!
Nancy Olsen, Entrepreneur, Calgary, AB