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Women Who Deserve More

Soul on Fire Mentoring works with motivated women who are looking for more: more time, money, sanity, peace, joy, confidence, passion, clarity, fulfillment, energy, strength, support & healing. It is not about doing more; it is about overcoming self-doubt & self-sabotage that keep getting in your way of success. You deserve more great things in your life! We will help you build a sustainable foundation & lifestyle that allows you to be your Best You AND flourish there.

Women are very powerful when they let themselves be. The problem is we keep getting in our own way. It matters to us that women get every opportunity possible to be all they want to be, including stepping into demanding roles with ease & grace. Your mentor will make your journey so much easier with her wisdom, experience & intuition, giving you a trusted & confidential source of support, guidance & accountability.

Soul on Fire works with driven women who know they want to reach higher and be more and know they need the support to get there. You want the confidence to be sure you are taking your business & your life in the right direction for you. And you want a mentor by your side to guide and champion you to step up and accelerate your success in a well rounded, sustainable way.

Women Fending Off Burnout

Soul on Fire Mentoring loves working with women who give it their all . . . yet have given so much they are becoming exhausted and starting to face burnout (or maybe you are already there). We are the support you need to find your way through. We want you to know the joy of living with your Soul on Fire -- living with confidence, energy & vibrancy rather than constant overwhelm, anxiety & struggle.
You got lost somewhere along the way. We are your lighthouse. The best part of all is that it is time to "clean house" in a beautiful & renewing way. Getting to this stage makes your recognize what is truly important and what is not. We shine the light so you can find your way and renew yourself to a better place than ever. It is a tough journey AND it is a most rewarding one! We have been there too, so we are clear on the path out.

It’s wonderful when you love what you do . . . and actually critical for long term success & fulfillment. We want you to be doing what you love and still loving it after you are well down the road. We work with you to shift & enhance your habits & self-talk to redefine your experience. Our goal is to greatly reduce your stress, fear and chaos, getting rid of what no longer serves you and making space for all you want more of in your world.
It is time to redefine your experience in the right direction, rather than letting it continually consume you, taking you down an unintended rabbit hole. We love seeing women regroup and shine brighter than ever as a result; that's what makes us love what we do.

Soul on Fire works with determined women who know redefining habits & a strengthened mindset are the key to their success, in business & elsewhere. You have worked so so hard to get here, yet it seems like life has been one big disappointment, leaving you exhausted & feeling like a failure. Your mentor will meet you where you are at, help you see through the crazy & allow you to find your way back. She will also help you see all the gifts in this hard journey so you benefit from them and finally get to the place you want to be. The reward is beyond measure; you just need the courage to start in that direction, with the help of your Mentor.

Women Making Marriages Work

Soul on Fire Mentoring wants you to create and live “happy wife, happy life”. We want you have a happy, healthy primary relationship so you have a whole lot less stress and “a safe place to fall” when you need it most. We help you to find a deeper level of Connection, Commitment, Love & Partnership. We build your courage and give you the tools, techniques and greater intuition to help you implement it in a way that works, creating a deeper connection & a lasting love.

Strong relationships are the fabric of a great society and it seems like our world can use a real boost with all the turbulence going on today. Women are powerful and the key inspiration in building stronger marriages. We love being part of this.

Soul on Fire works with motivated women who know they will enhance their own life, family and community with a great marriage and need some support in getting there. It is about getting the right tools to find your way. And it is about having a positive outlet for feelings & emotions that allow you to process them in a healthy & productive way that moves your marriage in the right direction.
Yes, this is also for single ladies. If you are serious about finding your guy & creating a great marriage, then there is nothing like starting with a vision. You won't find him if you don't know what it is you are looking for. Your mentor will work with you to clarity what a great relationship means to you and help you build the foundation that will support it. When you start in the right place, you will be inspired by the outcome.

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I can't believe I didn't get a mentor sooner! Gina has taken me on the most amazing and rewarding journey of my life. It wasn't always easy but it sure was very worth every bit of it. I faced my blueprints and finally embraced them. I now have all the important pieces that allow me to make decisions that work for a meaningful, have-it-all, happy life. Gina gave me the consciousness and support I needed to dig deep and become more soulful and on purpose than I have ever been. I am forever grateful!
Nancy Olsen, Entrepreneur, Calgary, AB