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Soul on Fire Mentoring works with motivated individuals who are looking for more: more time, money, sanity, peace, joy, confidence, passion, clarity, fulfillment, energy, strength, support & healing. It is not about doing more; it is about overcoming self-doubt & self-sabotage that keep getting in your way of success. You deserve more great things in your life! It's time to let go of struggle & burnout and embrace confidence & wellness. We will help you build a sustainable foundation & lifestyle that allows you to flourish.

Women are very powerful when they let themselves be. The problem is we keep getting in our own way. It matters to us that women get every opportunity possible to be all they want to be, including stepping into demanding roles with ease & grace. Your mentor will meet you where you are at and make your journey so much easier. With her wisdom, experience & intuition, she will give you a trusted & confidential source of support, guidance & accountability.

Facilitation Services

An outside perspective can add new thoughts & clarity to team discussions, catapulting the group forward with a renewed, positive focus. Gina is excellent at moving a group forward, even through conflict & differing opinions. She keeps the discussion focused & on track to get to the agreed upon end result. Sometimes it all starts with an agreement on the desired end result, so everyone understands it & agrees it is the right direction right now.

Topics may include: planning, understanding environment & culture, conflict management, difficult discussions, relationship building & more.

Work Teams

Sometimes the team needs guidance, support, new tools, or a focused brainstorming session. The right answer may be mentoring or facilitation or team development. Or maybe it's a mixture there of. We can discuss what the best options are for you and your team. What matters most is that your team can move forward with less stress & anxiety and more ease & confidence. This will result in them refocusing energy to get the job done and still having some left over to take home to their family & friends.

Facilitation - including planning, understanding environment & culture, conflict management, difficult discussions, relationship building & more.
Training - including relationship building, team development, inspirational leadership & more.
Mentoring - one-on-one guidance & support through the implementation phase to ensure team cohesiveness & success.

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I took part in Gina's soft skills training at work along with several of our Operations supervisors. I found the training to be engaging and even my bottom-line focused colleagues participated actively and enthusiastically. It was particularly valuable in bringing people that do not normally work with each other together. Overall, it was a fun, positive experience that will continue to aid in my home and professional life.
Jason Ali, HR Consultant, Regina, SK