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Problem: way too much fear & anxiety. Reason: very high expectations. Solution: increase awareness and make better choices that work for you. These articles will give you new ideas and tools to move you in a positive direction.

17 Fun Options to Get Inspired

Inspiration is a vital part of life. Being inspired is what gets us out of bed each day and ready for another challenge and another success.

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Will I Ever Have The Life I Want?

Yes, once you finally figure out what that means to you.

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Start, But Don't Finish

I get excited about starting something new, but then I don’t complete on it. How do I make myself finish something?

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Free Yourself

What will people think?

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Stop It!

Stop comparing yourself to others.

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Ask Gina -- What makes you unique in the work you do as a Mentor?

The foundation of my uniqueness has come from a rural background. And then continues with a well-lived and experienced first half of life.

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